What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in animal bodies, making up from 25% to 30% of the whole-body content.

It forms a network with high mechanical strength and elasticity in animal body, offers an ideal environment condition for cells to grow, and maintain the elasticity of muscle tissue and skin. Generally, sources of the raw material for collagen products are cattle, pigs and fish. However, the collagen material from pigs has a better bio-compatibility in mammals then other sources, which can lower the risk of immunoreaction when used for medical purposes. The source of APEX collagen products are from SPF (specific pathogen free) pigs. We acquire the collagen material by removing original cells of the pigs and impurities with proprietary process, and keep the original triple-helix structure of the collagen. This part of the collagen is with high bio-compatibility and is hyperactive, which is an excellent solution for wound and trauma care.


  • Why should animal body needs collagen in wound healing process?

There are four phases in wound healing process: hemostasis phase, inflammatory phase, proliferative phase and maturation phase. During the hemostasis phase, collagen can activate platelets and accelerate hemostasis. In proliferation phase, collagen is a crucial support for tissue, dermis and blood vessels growth. In addition, if the wounds have enough collagen supplements during maturation phase, the skin after healing will be smoother; the scar will also be less obvious. Therefore, collagen is a crucial, indispensible material during wound healing process.

Before using collagen dressing (left)、14 days after using collagen dressing (right)



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